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Able Plumbing and Heating Ltd. provides sales and service of high-quality heating and cooling components. We work with you to ensure high efficiency and outstanding satisfaction.

We have a 24-hour emergency customer service for our clients because plumbing and heating troubles don’t operate on a 9-5 workday. With our free estimates and expert professional consultation, you can be sure our experienced and friendly staff will find the right environmental conditioning equipment for you!


For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, e-transfers, and cheques for payment. No one prepares for a plumbing or HVAC emergency. For peace of mind, we offer financing options through two partners, Snap Financial and Financeit, to help you make payments for unexpected emergency plumbing, heating, or air conditioning repairs.


Our team of plumbing professionals in Regina, SK will help you solve all your plumbing issues. We provide expert advice on new plumbing fixture installations including toilets, faucets, and hardware, as well as repairs for any fixtures causing issues. 

The plumbing and sewer lines in Regina require testing, backflow prevention, and more in order to keep your home or office building from plumbing issues down the road. Able Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can help you prevent backflow and protect your potable water supply as required by law. We offer inspection of existing devices – which depending on your location must be inspected yearly (when they’re moved and when they are first installed).

Sewer lines that need to be repaired require attention to detail and technicians that are able to get the job done (and done right). Able Plumbing repairs sewer lines with superior quality to stand the test of time.


Keep your home warm and comfortable during those chilly Saskatchewan winters with a heating system that works. Our HVAC technicians provide maintenance and repair services on all brands of furnaces, boilers, and unit heaters. We also provide installation of equipment, brand new or replacing an older, existing system with one of our recommended products

Our friendly staff is also here to help with any questions you have about maintaining your current systems and equipment.

Heating system recommendations:

  • Replace furnace filters every month to protect your equipment and air quality. We have options in all sizes, for both residential and commercial, to keep your furnace healthy. 
  • We recommend annual maintenance from a professional on your HVAC equipment (or as recommended by your manufacturer).
  • We highly recommend Carbon Monoxide Detectors. If you don’t have one in your home, we can help supply and install yours!


Saskatchewan loves its extreme temperatures. Keep the summer sweat to a minimum with a high-quality, high-efficiency air conditioner that will save you money and keep your home cool.

Our HVAC technicians provide maintenance and repair services on all brands of air conditioners. We provide professional installation of new equipment or we will happily replace an older, existing system with one of our recommended products

Air conditioner recommendations:

  • Schedule an annual maintenance appointment to make sure coils are clean, inside and out. We recommend at the start of every warm season or as recommended by your manufacturer.


There’s nothing worse than a cold shower… unless you’re into that sort of thing. Keep your water hot and protect your plumbing with water heaters and water softeners installed and serviced by Able Plumbing.

Our technicians provide maintenance and repair services on all brands of water heaters and water softeners. We provide new equipment installation replacement of older, existing systems with one of our recommended products

Water heater recommendations:

  • Inspect your Anode Rod and Tank Water Heater every 2 years or as recommended by your manufacturer


    Able Plumbing and Heating Ltd. also offers a variety of sheet metal services. We assemble and install ductwork and custom sheet metal fabrications in a professional and clean way, ensuring your project can benefit fully from the line of great plumbing and heating products we sell and service.